How to dye the sheet with Tea Bags

Simple yet important.

Typically the sheets were dyed with cow-dung, which in city life is little difficult (for me being in Dubai, is impossible :P).

So I looked out for an alternative and came across the similar dying result with tea bags Tadaa…!!!

Simple Process

Step 1 – Boil water in a pan and put in 1-2 tea bags in it. Quantity of tea bag depends on size of paper. For an A4 size sheet, 1 tea bag is doable.

Step 2 – Once the tea starts leaving its color, switch of the ignition and let the tea bags cool. (Using hot tea bags will ruin the sheet :-O)

Step 3 – Take one tea bag at a time, DO NOT squeeze out the water, and carefully roll the tea bag on the sheet, you’ll see it leaving a pretty off white color on the sheet and it will be darker once dried.


Let it dry completely before starting off with your painting.


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