DIY Radha Krishna Madhubani

Didn’t I tell you before that I’m quite obsessed with Krishna. Well I’m such a deep believer of love that the epitome of love “Krishna” naturally becomes my first choice when I paint and though I love my all paintings, more than any other painting, I cannot rest until I finish my ‘Krishna’ 🙂

This one is painted on a thick white sheet, and no this time I didn’t dyed the sheet in any color as I was satisfied with the white background 🙂

So I began with drawing my pattern with pencil (this is the obvious first step in any painting 😉 )

This time I also drew the borders in advance to save time, all other times the borders used to consume more time than the main painting, though I would like to tell you here that in Madhubani painting, the borders are equally if not more important as the pattern 🙂


Along with the borders the second most important highlight of Madhubani painting is the filling of spaces which you can see I have done with the tree and its growing leaves. Also, the filling the outlines with black lines which you can see how in the image below. I have used black thin nibbed permanent marker for the outlining.


The colors used in this painting are acrylic and also the pearl acrylics which gives the painting the shine 🙂



Enjoy 🙂

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