Christmas Card – Madhubani Style

Hi Folks, Christmas is coming and like the previous year, I’m doing the full fledged preparation of the celebration. But can you think of Christmas without the greeting cards? No right.. Hence, I’m making few Christmas cards this year and since the theme of the blog is traditional, these Christmas bells are indeed in Madhubani stye. This…

Madhubani Lady – Dance & Music

So here I’m, back with my another painting and like the previous one, this one also is on the monochromatic side. The one when finished has more colors to the music instruments and it looks very tranquil 🙂 Enjoy!!

Lady Picking Flowers (Madhubani)

It has been quite a few days since I posted my last post on Diwali. But now I can assure you my regular posts updating my all recent paintings for you 🙂 Today I wanted to share a Madhubani in monochromatic tones with red and green as variation. I drew this one first with pencil and…

Happy Diwali!!

Warm Diwali wishes to all my readers with my Diwali special Madhubani 🙂 The same design I transformed to rangoli at my place using fabric colors 😀

Rickshawalla Madhubani

To stay away from the Indian Deities paintings for a while I decided to draw something modern yet contemporary and which would look good in Madhubani style and I came up with this 😀 This is another time I used oil paints, and I’m quite satisfied with the results, though there’s a full room for…