Hand in Hands

This is a little late post, 6 months to be precise. I wanted to make something personalized for my husband’s birthday. So when I came across this picture from our pre-wed shoot, I knew I have to re-create this memory in an artistic way. I resorted to use my newly learnt art, the Mandala art….

Happy Dussehra!!

Also known as Vijay Dashmi!! The celebration of the victory of good over evil. When Lord Rama killed Ravana to save the world from his evils. I tried my hands on the sketch depicting the characters of Ramayan,Lord Rama, Devi Seeta, Lakshmana and Ravana. Enjoy!!

Happy Onam

The best of Kerala can be witnessed during the grand carnival of Onam. A display of so many unique and well perfected dances on a single platform pulls a number of dance lovers from all over the world to Kerala. Happy Onam (little late) to everyone and enjoy a new addition to my latest “dancers”…

Zentangle inspired Bharatanatyam dancer

Bharata Natyam (also Bharathanatiyam) is a form of Indian classical dance that originated in the temples of Tamil Nadu. Bharata Natyam, like other classical dance forms in India, traces its origin to the Natya Shastra, a foundational treatise on the performing arts. Today, it is one of the most popular and widely performed dance styles…