Warli Rangoli this Diwali

This was when my MIL asked me to draw a rangoli for my first diwali at my husband’s place. I decided that instead of making some other design, why shouldn’t I stick to the style I newly acquired and in love with 🙂 So it was Warli this year 😀 😀 This was the first…

Happy Warli Diwali!

Mere tumhare sabke liye…. Happy Diwali!! I so much love this song ❤ and humming it since last 1 week… And now Diwali has finally come 😀 The crackers… The Diya… The lights… The rangoli… The sweets and most importantly, the family gathering 😀 I summed up my childhood diwali in this Warli.. I hope…

Warli – Life of people!

Hi Everyone! Today I want to showcase my warli art which I recently made on a thick purple sheet. Since it was a purple sheet, no dyeing, nothing, it was a direct drawing and painting 🙂 The special thing about this painting is I used brush no.2 in coloring the entire painting and believe me its…

Warli on Canvas

This was the first time I tried Warli on canvas and to be on the safer side I choose a very simple pattern with acrylic colors 🙂 Though I stay away from the circle pattern of warli, which despite being the prime resemblance of the art, doesn’t allures me much. I hope you’ll like this one, please…

How to dye the sheet with Tea Bags

Simple yet important. Typically the sheets were dyed with cow-dung, which in city life is little difficult (for me being in Dubai, is impossible :P). So I looked out for an alternative and came across the similar dying result with tea bags Tadaa…!!! Simple Process Step 1 – Boil water in a pan and put in…

Garba Style Warli!

This year I couldn’t make it to the dandiya celebration any where. So it’s time when I should upload my warli, which I drew to celebrate Dandiya this Navratri :D.  

Warli Celebration

Today I decided to start with coloring my canvas red. With red background I wanted some authentic Warli celebration scene on my canvas so I let it dry and started off with drawing the figures initially with pencil.

Warli Art Decal!

This was my very first Warli Art trial! On a normal thick white sheet + crayons + black outliner 🙂 I love how soothing these running sequence of warli looks to your eyes and crayons being not so loud, soothes out the image even more 😀  

The History of Warli Art!

Warli paintings are painted white on mud walls. The paintings are beautifully executed and resembles pre-historic cave paintings in execution and usually depict scenes of human figures engaged in activities like hunting, dancing, sowing and harvesting.